Affordable Features to Brighten Up your Garden


If your outdoor living space is looking a little jaded, now might be the best time to think about adding a few features. This is an inexpensive way to rejuvenate a tired garden, and the following features are just an example of what can be achieved.

  • Waterfall and Rockery– This can be planned alongside the pond, and makes for the perfect feature, with water trickling over the rocks and into the pond, and with the right greenery nearby, you can create a serene corner where you can contemplate the world and all its beauty.
  • A Water Fountain– There are some lovely examples of fine stone water fountains, and with a little plumbing and some nice LED lights, you have the ideal garden feature. The system would consist of a small reservoir tank for the water, a small pump and the fountain itself, and this can be a stand-alone feature that does not require mains water.
  • Trellis– Creating a wall of timber trellis will allow you to hang some nice plants, and if you are ambitious, why not create an arch? Rustic timber poles make for an ideal framework that can easily be fixed to create an arch that you can walk under. As time goes by, you can train the plants to creep along the trellis, covering up the timber.

There’s no limit to the features you can add to a garden, and by consulting with a local landscaping firm, they can turn your concepts into reality.

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