Loft Conversion – You Know it Makes Sense


We all reach a point where our existing living space becomes all little too crowded, and rather than going to the enormous expense of building an extension, you have space sitting in your loft that can be transformed into a comfortable extra room. Loft conversions are very popular among UK homeowners, as there’s no real construction required, and with affordable loft conversions in Bristol, it couldn’t be easier to get the ball rolling.

What Does a Loft Conversion Entail?

The major aspects of a loft conversion include the following:

  • Creating a Plywood Floor
  • Building a Ceiling
  • Boxing in Water Tank
  • Providing timber shelving etc

The only other major addition is a drop-down ladder, which will provide access, and your loft hatch can be enlarged to enable larger items to enter the loft.

Essential Insulation

Assuming you already have loft insulation in the form of fibreglass that is placed between the joists, which will have to be removed, as you now want the heat to enter the loft. To prevent heat loss through the roof, some special insulation would be put behind the timber ceiling structure, and once the ceiling and walls are cladded, it’s just a question of building shelving and storage compartments.

Variety of Uses

Your new loft conversion can be utilised in many ways,

  • Additional Bedroom
  • Home Office
  • Your Very Own Man Cave
  • Study Room for the Children

Fixtures and Fittings

These would include some LED lighting, and we must not forget natural lighting, which can be provided by a couple of double-glazed skylights, one at each end. A few power sockets in the right locations and your new living space is ready for occupation, and for ventilation, an extractor can be fitted to the roof.

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