Repairing Scratches on Hard Surfaces


Hard surfaces around the house, such as floors, walls, and ceilings are susceptible to scratches and damage over time. It is important for you to get these surfaces repaired when they become scratched. Ceramic and enamel surfaces are usually susceptible to scratches over time and need to be repaired. If you do not carry out repairs regularly, it won’t take long before the aesthetic condition of these exposed surfaces continues to deteriorate. You need to make sure that you call in a professional to repair the surfaces. Scratches on the surface can drastically affect the quality of the surface, and can also be visually jarring. Some of the causes of damage or scratches include the following:

  • Sharp objects
  • Keys hitting the surface
  • Damage due to hard impact

If you want local scratch repair in Plymouth at an affordable price, you need to make sure to call a reliable company that specialises in scratch repairs. The company will first visit your property to inspect the damage on the hard surface before carrying out repairs.


The scratches will first need to be filled properly before the damage can be repaired. Fillers are used to fill up the area left exposed by the scratch and are then rubbed down to the same level as the surface.

Colour Matching

Once the fillers have been levelled, the colour will be matched and applied on the surface to remove all traces that a scratch once existed there.

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