The Three Main Types of Damp that Property Owners Need to Know About


If you are a homeowner, or are soon to become one, damp is something to be concerned over. Once damp gets into timber, concrete and brickwork, damage soon follows. There are three main forms of damp that can affect your home.

  1. Rising Damp – When a house is built, a layer of damp-proof material is inserted into the brickwork, just above ground height, and this material prevents damp from rising up the walls. Should the damp-proof course become compromised, this will see the onset of rising damp. Fortunately, there are companies that provide reliable damp proof in Buckhurst Hill and nearby villages, who can thoroughly inspect a building and recommend the best treatment for any kind of damp issue.
  2. Penetrating Damp – Penetrating damp is usually found on ceilings or the top of walls, which is the result of a leaking roof. This will require the leak to be identified and repaired, which will end the damp issue.
  3. Condensation – Usually found near windows, this form of dampness is caused by two extreme temperatures meeting, as with a single skin wall or a pane of glass. Whatever the type of damp, you need to act quickly, otherwise it will quickly spread and turn into a very expensive fix.

If you are thinking of buying an older property, it is essential to have the building checked for damp and should there be an issue, you can inform the seller and let him pay for the repairs.












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