What Can Go Wrong with Double Glazed Windows?


Double glazed replacement windows are very much sold as a “fit and forget” solution, and while that might be the case for a few years, like anything else, double glazed windows can malfunction. One of the most common failures is for the hermetic seal to fail, which causes the unit to mist up, which might be accompanied by condensation.

Sealed Unit Replacement

With affordable emergency glaziers in Dorchester only a phone call away, any units that have lost their seal can quickly be replaced with a matching unit. A technician would first have to take precise measurements, so that the unit will fit perfectly, and by using toughened safety glass, you can be sure of an accident free environment. The glazing in a patio door can easily be broken with a stray football, and a replacement can be fabricated within the hour and installed on the same day.

Common Replacement Window Issues

Other problems with uPVC or aluminium double glazing would include the following: 

  • Hinge Malfunction – The hinges are designed to provide many years of trouble-free use, yet after a few years, they can malfunction, making it difficult to open and close the unit.
  • Locking Issues – Typically, al windows with an opening would have locks fitted, and these can easily malfunction. If this should happen, your security is compromised, and by calling your local window repair company, they can replace or repair any defective locks.

Older double glazing would not be covered by the product warranty, and this is when things can begin to go wrong. By calling out a local window company that specialises in repairs, you can quickly return to normal.

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