When Should You Consider New Boiler Installation?


Gas and oil boilers can last between 10 and 15 years. However, unexpected issues can shorten the life of any appliance.

If your boiler is over a decade old or showing signs of inefficiency, you may want to consider whether new boiler installation is the right solution.

Boilers That Require Constant Repair May Need Replacing

Common signs that your boiler is reaching the end of its service life include:

  • Your boiler requires frequent repairs.
  • Repairs are becoming more expensive.
  • Your heating costs continue to rise.
  • It takes longer to warm your home.

Some of these issues are signs that your boiler is outdated. For example, it may be more difficult to find parts for older boilers, resulting in increased costs for repairs. You may also notice that your boiler no longer works as well.

Homeowners who notice these issues may require new boiler installations in Uppingham.

Boiler Servicing May Help Extend the Life of Your Appliance

With regular boiler maintenance and servicing, you may be able to prevent or repair some of the issues described. Experienced plumbers can inspect your gas or oil boiler to detect potential issues before they become major problems.

Keeping up on repairs and maintenance helps you get more use out of your boiler. Boiler repairs also ensure that your heating system is working at peak efficiency.

When you notice changes to the performance of your boiler, do not hesitate to have it serviced. You may save yourself the hassle of needing to install a new heating unit.

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